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Blu-Wind srl manufactures state-of-the-art, cost-effective renewable energy plants and specializes in wind towers for the 50kW - 600kW power range.

In collaboration with Italy’s renowned University of Padova (Alma Mater of Galileo), a leading research and development institution for renewable energy, Blu-Wind ensures the professional standard of its products from development through manufacture to installation in order to ensure the highest possible levels of performance in wind power generation.

Extensive market evaluation and superior component development has enabled Blu-Wind to produce a world-class, innovative structure that can justifiably be described as the most cost-effective wind tower currently available on the market.

A Blu-Wind Tower - Turbine combination needs no special transportation requirements as any single component of the tower, apart from the wind blade which depends on required power specifications, can be transported in two (2) x 40ft. standard shipping containers. Blu-Wind's innovative modular tower design has virtually eliminated the problems frequently associated with traditional conical towers such as costly transportation and expensive on-site build requirements.

Innovative Modular Wind Towers
See how an innovative Blu-Wind srl tower can Reduce Transportation Problems and Save You Money

Wind Turbine Installations, 50kW to 600kW
Based in northern Italy Blu-Wind srl provide a Complete Service Worldwide

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