Blu-Wind produces state-of-the-art, cost-effective renewable energy plants and in particular Eolic Towers in the 50 to 800 Kw power range.

In collaboration with Italy’s renowned University of Padova (Alma Mater of Galileo Galilei), a leading research and development institution for Eolic energy, Blu-Wind ensures the professional standard of its products from development through manufacture to installation in order to ensure the highest possible levels of performances in wind power generation.

Meet the executive team

Gianmario Travella is Managing Director of the Blu-Wind srl and has more than 25 years experience in metal fabrication and design. He has worked on some of Europe’s premier industrial construction projects such as the Chiasso, Switzerland Sound Barrier by renowned architect Mario Botta. He was also a key fabricator for the 10.6 million Euros Rotterdam Train Tunnels project. An expert in the design and production of telecommunication towers for mobile networks across Europe, he has built more than 1,800 Slip-on-joint telecom towers.

Drawing on this experience and three years of extensive market research led him, in conjunction with Italy’s renowned University of Padova to develop an innovative new design for modular towers for the Wind Energy market. The project won a coveted national competition for innovative ideas in the field of Sustainable Energy. This patented project led to the formation of Blu-Wind srl; a new company offering economic solutions for energy production in the wind market. He studied at the University of Bergamo and Westminster College, London.
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Giuseppe Galla is President of Blu-Wind srl. As a marketing and product development specialist in the field of heavy engineering he has worked across Europe for the past 30 years. In addition, as a technical design consultant, he worked in close collaboration with Gianmario Travella and the University of Padova to produce the innovative modular tower project which culminated in the formation of the Blu-Wind company two years ago. An experienced technical analyst he has developed our company’s strategy for promoting and supplying wind farms across Europe.

Under Giuseppe's guidance Blu-Wind (TRADE sas) has been invited by the EU to lead international presentation tours for new technology in sustainable energy in Japan, Korea and Australia. He studied at the Technical Institute of Bergamo, Italy.
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Stephen Bridges was the UK’s Ambassador to Cambodia from 2000-2004. He worked for the UK Government’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office for more than twenty five years helping to formulate foreign affairs strategies and develop political and economic relations across Asia including in Myanmar, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Korea and Bangladesh, as well as Cambodia. As a result he has developed a deep understanding of the political and economic environments in the region, and in Cambodia especially has developed almost unrivalled access to the top leadership. Since taking temporary leave from Diplomacy he has, among other ventures, been involved in natural resources and renewable energy projects, particularly in Cambodia. He was the founder and Managing Director of Greater Mekong Resources Inc and is Director of Quantum Resources Asia Ltd and Quantum Projects Ltd which collectively seek to develop agricultural projects in Cambodia.

Stephen is Advisor to both Elemental Energy Technologies Ltd (Australia – Marine Energy) and Blu-Wind (Italy – Wind Energy) in the renewable energy sector across Asia. He studied International Relations at London University and East Asian Studies at the University of Leeds.
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Nick Wood is the Managing Director for Blu Wind Asia - which focuses primarily on the Asia-Pacific region - an area that is fast becoming a leading proponent of wind energy. An experienced international filmmaker he has spent the past 20 years making development based documentaries and providing news footage from the South-east Asia region for the BBC, CNN and Channel News Asia amongst others. His interest in environmental and developmental issues in the Asia-Pacific region and his communications collaborations with the UN, World Bank, Asia Development Bank and a host of Non-Governmental Organisations such as the FAO, World Wildlife Fund, ILO and WFP has made him a key member of the Blu-Wind company in his capacity as a communications and marketing specialist for the region.

He is currently developing Blu-Wind’s market penetration strategy for the US and Europe. He studied Communications at Santa Clara University, California.
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