Blu-Wind Towers Make Transportation Difficulties a Thing of the Past

A Blu-Wind Tower - Turbine combination needs no special transportation requirements as any single component of the tower, apart from the wind blade which depends on power specifications, can be transported in two (2) x 40ft. standard shipping containers. On site assembly of our modular tower requires a minimal assembly crew and virtually no on-site welding. Because of the innovative, modular design of a Blu-Wind tower the crane size used in the towers erection is significantly smaller and cheaper than heavy-duty construction cranes normally used when assembling traditional tubular towers.

Unlike most of our competitors, a Blu-Wind Tower - Turbine combination can be transported on normal roads and highways without incurring the significant costs associated with road reconstruction, removal of structures and road furniture and frequently the destruction of local flora often associated with delivering larger, old style towers, to their final location prior to installation.

This Series of Photos Offers A Perfect Example of Transportation Difficulties
Typically Experienced on Mountainous European Roads